Friday, September 10, 2010


A drinking session populated by a small group of friends could go on for hours depending on what's on the table both literally and figuratively. Great booze and pulutan would always be the easy part. The subject of conversation that fuels the whole gathering is the challenge. 

Top 5 session fueling subjects
(according to approximately 25 people i asked over the span of this week. I know that 25 is a little thin, but cut me some slack, I've so many other things to do. Take my word for it, that the demographic of the 25 people is versatile and fair. - ok let's get back to the top 5 shall we?)

1. Chismis - Wether it's showbiz entertainment or circle related
2. Sex 
3. Reminiscing the good old days
4. Politics
5. Enemies 

Subject number 3 proved it's strength on a the Saturday of September 4, 2010.  The subject went from a twitter hash tag to a nation wide online event. Nostalgia was on the face of every single pinoy that was in front of the screen tweeting. Anything, everything and everyone people could remember about growing up was there. You name it, it was tweeted. IT WAS CRAZY! People had a hard time pushing AFK (away from keyboard) that Saturday. 


End result, the hash tag became a Twitter trending topic that debut at No. 4. It's got its own facebook account now It's got it's own little cult following that get's together on twitter just to continue sharing the good ol' times. 

Sentisabado in the words of how i met your mothers Barney Stinson....

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Who had the better hall of fame speech? Mike or Scottie?

Big Bulls fan here. And if you're a chi-town loyalist like myself, then there would not be any debate. The Chicago loyal would consider both hall of fame acceptance speeches as the word of the lord.

I personally think that it's about damn time. Induction to the hall of fame -> acceptance speech -> applause -> done deal. Simple right? Then people start comparing mike's speech to pip's. - Well then Let's throw it down! 23 or 33's speech? You judge.

EXTRA: Love the TUX Karl
Nothing Say's EXCITED more than wearing a TUX! You go girl!

Day 1

4:42 am August 28, 2010

Captains log..... (SURE if I were trying to waste my time creating a blog  impressing trekkies - did i spell it right?)

Here it is. My play ground. Where I can write what I want and immortalize whatever I think is great or stupid. About me, something, entertainment, scandals or even you... that is if you're either that great or that stupid to make the cut. 

Radio's got it's limits. Off-Mic is heaven for an Insomniac who needs release. It's kind of like an orgasm to a nympho. Loving it so far. Enjoy your stay boys and girls!